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Identify two discussions, assignments, or activities from the Course Guide PSY202 Course Guide that illustrate or can be explained in terms of the application of technology.

Scenario: You have been selected to present to your colleagues your working knowledge of adult learning theory for a professional development conference. Accordingly, you will create a presentation that demonstrates your ability to look at a course and critically assess use of discussions, assignments, and/or activities through the application of adult learning theory.

Create a presentation that is professionally designed, including title and references slides. You must Add Speaker Notes to Your Slides (Links to an external site.), which provide your commentary on the items listed below. You can also find information on how to add speaker notes in the Ashford Writing Center’s How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation (Links to an external site.) resource.

  • Assess how discussions, assignments, and/or activities are reflective of and informed by adult learning theory.
  • Assess critically how discussions, assignments, or activities reflect experience and learning: mixture of content and process, absence of excessive judgement and/or engagement in purposeful endeavors.
  • Evaluate how the discussions, assignments, and/or activities demonstrate one or more of Wlodkowski’s motivational conditions (i.e., establishing inclusion, developing attitude, enhancing meaning, and/or engendering confidence).
  • Explain how technology is integrated in the discussions, assignments, or activities.
  • Analyze how critical thinking has been integrated in the discussions, assignments, and/or activities; fostering critical reflection, building a learning community, practicing dialogical conversation and/or lived experience learning.

Each of these items should be explained and supported with reference to adult learning theory.

The presentation


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