Prepare a revised Final Personal Code of Ethics Statement. This ethics statement should clearly identify your revised “ethical bottom line It must be 50% different from your statement from week 2 draft below:

Week 2 Draft:

Personal Code of Ethics for a career in a healthcare setting is essential to serve as a standard of conduct for the affiliates. It notes the standards of ethical behaviour required by the healthcare executives in their professional relationship. The fundamental objective of a healthcare professional is to maintain the quality of life in a manner of dignity and to create an equitable, accessible and efficient healthcare system.
As a future career n the healthcare setting I am noting my personal code of ethics as a professional. My personal values as an individual would at as a balance between the right and wrong of my actions and my emotions (Velasquez, Andre, Shanks, & Meyer, 1996). . The education system I am underwent would play a crucial role in determining my personal and core values. Some of the values I possess are honesty, integrity, accountability, responsible, and being ambitious. The values possessed have helped in determining role based and virtue-based approaches to help in consistent building of these key values (Gower, 2008).
Based on my virtues and values the ethical statement I determine is “laying a special emphasis on maintaining honesty and personal integrity, accepting responsibility, pursuing excellence and achieving ambitious goals. My values and ethical statement is accorded based on my actions and the career I choose to be into. My actions define my personality therefore I honour my commitments, in both personal and professional being (Georgetown University, n.d):
• A commitment to do keep doing what is right and just
• A commitment to perform in an exceptional manner to produce results in a qualitative manner
• A commitment to value the trust and confidence of family, peers, friends, community and clients
• A commitment to spend quality time with family and being supportive in all endeavours
• A commitment to personal self and believe what my belief would be and setting right goals and working efficiently to achieve them.
My personal code of conduct would be consistent with my value of personal integrity:
• I will remain consistent as the person I am and will not change for anybody and stand for my beliefs
• I will treat people as I want others to treat me
• Valuing basic human dignity and rights will be my priority and not cause harm to others
• I will be transparent for the purpose I define and will be fair and just in all concerns
• I will be satisfied for nothing less than the goals set
• I will indulge in continuous improvement
• I will honour my commitments and keep my promises
• I will be optimistic for purposes and my actions
My personal code of ethics will become a guide for my ethical dilemmas. I have defined my code of ethics to be consistent with my employer’s code of ethics of a professional organization that I wish to join in the future. My code of ethics was defined based on the learning and teachings I gained from educational institutions and parents. Based the code of ethics I have defined for myself I will work according to it to maintain a balance between both


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In reference to the personal code of ethics that should be maintained by healthcare employees, it’s imperative for the healthcare employee to maintain an ethical code that is in accordance with the mandatory healthcare guidelines established by organizations such as the American Nursing Association, which require healthcare employees to adhere to actions that will merit the trust, confidence, and respect of healthcare patients, the general public, and co-workers. The healthcare employee should ensure that their lives’ embody the exemplary ethical code and system that will be …

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