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Submit a presentation in PowerPoint where you cover the following aspects of doing business in Brazil:

General Information

Location, Language, Ethnicity, Religion


Family, Cuisine, Sports, Celebrations

Business Etiquette

Working Hours, Women in Business, Business Meals, Time and Punctuality, Greeting Protocols, Dress Code, Do’s and Do not’s in Business

Writing Format and Mechanics

Cite all sources of information used to create your PowerPoint. Place in-text citations directly on your slides (to include, direct quotes and paraphrased material). List citations in the “References” page of your PowerPoint. Be sure to format the “References” page in accordance with APA style guidelines. Three scholarly references are required.

Complete the “note” or “comments” section for each PowerPoint slide. In other words, discuss the data (illustration) presented in each slide. The “note” or “comments” section should expound upon the who? the what? the relevance?…etc.

Length of Presentation

No less than 8 and No more than 12 pages total (beginning to end).


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