Positive Psychology



Positive psychology promotes a proactive methodology, asking the question, “What could be?” while focusing on a bottom-up approach.  In contrast, holism focuses on a top-down approach, given one even impacts the person as a whole. In this assignment, consider these differences as you further explore self-actualization, actualizing tendency, humanistic motivational phenomena, and/or positive psychology via creation of a Presentation.

Use the following steps for successful completion of the assignment:

  1. Review the information found in Chapter 15 of your textbook and select one or more of the following topics:
  • self-actualization
  • actualizing tendency
  • humanistic motivational phenomena
  • positive psychology
  1. You will use the information found in your chosen section(s) of the text and at least four outside resources.
  2. Review the video and written tutorials in the Learning Materials, then choose software of your choice to create a presentation.
  3. Copy the link to your presentation and paste it into a Word document.

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