Pages: 4, Double spaced

Sources: 5



Background:. It is important that you

select a health topic  that you will be able to write about at length during the four weeks

you are developing your project. This week, you begin your Community Needs Assessment Final

Project by completing an analysis of your local community to identify the top health problems.

(1)A Community Needs Assessment describes the health and welfare of the priority population,

identifies the major health risk factors, and the top health problems, and helps to identify the next

steps to address these factors.

(2)Complete Section One of the Data Collection Worksheet Template provided in this week’s Learning

Resources. The data you enter on the worksheet should be based on a city or county – plus US data

(3)Compare your city or county data to the national data in the appropriate column. You will

summarize these findings in Section Two.

•Complete Section Two. Based on your analysis and identification of top health problems, choose

one population health issue and reply to the questions/topics in this section.

•Submit the entire worksheet, which includes your data in Section One and responses to the items in

Section Two.

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