Objective: The purpose of this exercise is to develop, as a group, hydrocarbon project execution plan for an offshore oil field, using petroleum project management framework, WBS and other tools and techniques discussed in the lecture.

Task: Write a professional report (not more than 25 pages), explaining oil and gas project execution plan developed by your group:


1.     Prepare, as a group, project using as your model oil/gas field development plan.

2.    Develop a statement of work (SOW) for the project, using the 3D format.

3.    Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the project. What are the key steps, including project phases, deliverables, work packages, tasks and subtasks for the project?

4.    Using the project your group has identified in Task 1, identify at least six fictitious project team members and calculate the communication channels for the team members. Support your calculation with graphical illustration.

5.    Develop Risk Assessment Matrix, Ishikawa diagram, Gantt chart, Network diagram and manage the inherent uncertainties in your project, using the PERT stochastic approach.

6.    Allocate overall cost estimates to the individual work packages to establish a cost baseline which you will be using to measure your project performance at the execution phase.


Expectations for written work:

Group Assignment has strict format requirements, which must be adhered to. Carefully review the Assignment Marking Guide provided in page 2. You are encouraged to make use of any reading materials available in the library to enhance your assignments.  Note: do not reference lecture notes in your assignments; you should consult the original material that the lectures were based upon and cite those sources accordingly.

The assignment is meant to give you time to put your thoughts together as a team in a reflective manner. Your work should show your ability to work as members of a cohesive team, do research, think about what you read, offer your constructively devised opinions and draw the unit material together. Some overall assignment criteria for you to meet in submitted work includes:

  • a careful dissection of the question and evidence of research as a team
  • clear presentation and organisation of information
  • ability to enable the reader to comprehend what is being argued
  • breadth of understanding and ability to capture the attention of the reader originality/creativity.




Assessment Criteria

Explanatory comments on Assessment Criteria

Maximum marks for each section

Aims of research

Clearly defined objectives/research questions relevant to aim. Clear focus on aims/objectives maintained throughout. If appropriate, hypotheses defined and explained.




Literature review

Thorough review of appropriate secondary sources; relationship between the literature and the project explored (i.e., justification is linked to literature).




Research methodology

Explanation and justification of an appropriate methodology – approach and project management tools and techniques appropriate to aims and research questions.




Data Analysis

Appropriate analysis of data in the light of the research objectives and questions. Clear and analytical presentation of findings.





Results discussed, highlighting significant findings and comparing theory & practice where appropriate.






Based on a reasonable interpretation of both the research conducted and the existing literature.



Critical evaluation

Critical evaluation of own work. Areas for further research identified and discussed.



Overall layout

Presentation is of an acceptable standard, logical and adds value to the project management discipline. Appropriate structure.





Reflection on oil and gas project management is detailed and insightful.





·         Other Comments + Grade


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