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Construct an evidence synthesis table that presents the results of the evidence searches you have conducted on your topic. Your table should include a total of 6-10 items should be included in the table. The evidence table should include a variety of RECENT (less than five years) research, and at least two articles should be from a nursing focus/published in a nursing journal. This then provides you the basis for writing your final paper.

The link below provides you with a table that should be used to summarize the results of your literature search for evidence.

Literature summary table for quantitative and qualitative studiesPreview the document

Summarize research articles which meet the following criteria:

  1. Original research studies, preferably published from 2015 to the present
  2. At east four of the six studies should be quantitative
  3. Two studies may be qualitative (but this is not a requirement)
  4. Variations from these criteria must be approved in advance by the instructor)

Refer to grading rubric below

Grading rubricPreview the document

This part of the assignment will allow you to do a critique of each of the articles you selected and summarized in the literature summary table. Save a copy of the articles as you will need to refer back to them when you write your critique of the articles.


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