You are required to submit an attachment a Partial Draft Submission #1 which is a copy of your project that includes the following: The Problem and Factors Bearing on the Problem, by February 12, 2017. The Partial Draft Submission #1 is to be posted on the message board in the area designated as “POST DRAFT #1”.

Post should include: Cover Page, Problem, Factors Bearing on the Problem, Discussion (whatever has been done) and Annotated References – DO NOT INCLUDE A CONCLUSION or ACTION RECOMMENDED. You will number them as outline in the submission requirements. I am not expecting that these two are completed, but what I am looking for is the formation of your paper. The Partial Draft Submission #1 does two things, it allows you to begin to put your thoughts on paper and it allows me to review your progress. Any comments made by me to you will be communicated in a reply email. 

It is suggested that during all of the drafts you are submitting you color coat each of the factors a different color. Then when you research each factor, the information that you write on the factor is the color of that factor. This way, you can see how much information you have on each factor and it is a good way to judge what resources or information is needed. Remember the final submission must not have the colors, so for this submission, change all to black. If this is not clear, please get with your instructor.robl 

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