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1.Respond to the following with at least 75 words including proper grammar, in text citations, references

General beliefs rely on information about what is happening in the nation and the world. The media gives the public information through an assortment of means: radio, print reporting, TV, and the Internet. The media also reinforces already formed opinions. One way that broad communications help shape popular feeling is to strengthen previously molded conclusions. Once in a while somebody can have an uncertainty about a point. This implies they have a conclusion that isn’t emphatically grounded. At the point when they tune into broad communications, for example, the TV, radio or paper, they may discover their ungrounded idea in these media sources. At that point, the individual utilizes these sources to fortify previously held convictions. In my opinion, the media represents their own interests. They also assume a huge role in how the general population sees various occurrences and circumstances then exploit their impact. The uplifting news doesn’t get the media’s ideal consideration, so they report on the news that sells, the more energizing news. The media helps shape popular assessment. It is an amazing tool yet numerous individuals do not understand the impact it has in forming their own conclusion.

2.Respond to the following with at least 75 words including proper grammar, in text citations, references

From my personal experience with the media, they directly effect the public’s opinion when it comes to reporting. There is a vast majority of people in the community that rely on the media. I can definitely say that the media does not always report accurately. There have been incidents to which I was the case agent and during the course of the investigation, the family grew inpatient and asked the media to assist them. I was not able to disclose any details to the family nor the media. Therefore, the media printed a story based on the family’s accusations, which for the most part were inaccurate. Not to mention, the article portrayed the offender to be a law-biding citizen. The article failed to mention nothing of the offenders’ extensive violent criminal history, which included multiple sex offenses.

One of the problems, however, is that anybody can share anything, including material that may not be accurate. In some cases, real harm is done when the media spreads inflammatory, unverified or outright false information (Hodkinson, 2017). This can harm the families and law enforcement.


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