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Task-1 Compare different memory management strategies

Question-1 Scenario

Contiguous allocation of physical memory is eliminated by paging memory

management scheme. It allows the physical address space of a process to be

non–contiguous. A page table is used to track between page (logical address)

and frame (physical address). The hardware implementation of the page table

can be done by using dedicated registers. But the usage of the register for the

page table is satisfactory only if the page table is small. If the page table contains

a large number of entries then we can use TLB(translation Look-aside buffer), a

special, small, fast look-up hardware cache.

1-Analyse the address translation architecture aided with diagrams (how the physical address and logical address Mapping by page table)

2- relevant terminology And explain what is physical address, logical address ,register and how to implement

3- roles (what is the size of the register and what is the size of page)

4-What is the challenging issues,

Explain the virtual memory (Hardisk) with diagram

5-page replacement algorithm. (Analysis should be completed in 400-450 words with minimum 5 in-text citations. The selected technique should be mentioned with valid justification).


If you are looking to purchase a Network Attach Storage (NAS)device or server, particularly for a small business. You have to know the term “RAID” that stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive. It enabled the system to use two or more hard

disks together for improving performance. It has levels: RAID0,RAID1, RAID2, RAID3, RAID4, and RAID5. Analyze any 4 RAID levels aided with diagram, example, technology, security or not, data redundancy, and advantages/disadvantages.

(Discussion should be covered on 400-450 words with at least 4 in-text citations and no one less than 100 words) and use diagram in discussion…

Task-2 Compare and evaluate features of kernels


Carefully read the research paper


1- Develop the portfolio titled “Pros and cons of light-weighted kernels” by using findings of the above research paper and related study materials of your module. Your answer should be in the range of 400-450 words with at least 5 in-text citations

***Please ***

**Less than 5% similarity and kindly use easy language. Also kindly write the references and Citation in HARVARD stile.

Use diagram in all discussion


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