I need an explanation for this Literature question to help me study.

Hey! I need help with the following assignments(directions below). It just has to be one page. A paragraph for each question. Here are the devices that we used.

Point of view-langston hughes salvation

Imagery and metaphor in Langston hughes Mother to son

Simile in there is no frigate like a book by Emily Dickinson

Irony in cask of amontillado by edgar allan poe

Personification in Shall I compare thee by william shakespeare


Earlier in the term you were asked you start paying attention to literary terms while reading. Some were mentioned within the first chapter of your textbook. There is also a glossary of terms on page 1009. Choose 5 literary terms/devices that helped you while reading something this semester. Explain each of the literary terms you are choosing to focus on. Consider the following questions:

Were you able to identify the use of these terms in any of the selected readings?

Were they helpful when you had to do your own writing?

Were you able to start or elaborate on a discussion this semester that involved a literary term being used/discussed?

Answer each of the above questions. You can choose to answer each question independently (single paragraph response to each question) or you can create a one page response that answers all three questions in a cohesive fashion.

Proper MLA formatting is required, it is part of the overall grade. This means:

  • Double spaced
  • 12 point font in Arial or Time New Roman
  • Your page number and last name in the upper right corner (this can be achieved best by using the ‘add page number’ feature in Word)
  • Full and proper heading on the left side of the page (Student Name, Instructor Name, Course, Date in day month year format)
  • Indent each new paragraph.


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