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Leadership Style Assessment Paper


All papers in this course are to be checked for plagiarism using the Turnitin Program prior to

submission. This assignment is worth 20 points and constitutes 20% of your grade for this


Before you begin this assignment you should have completed:

A. The Leadership Style Assessment found on the MindTools website:


Note: You may base your answers on how you behave now as a formal or

informal leader in your unit/organization.

B. The Jung Typology Test found on the HumanMetrics website:


Note: When you complete this assessment, your personality “type” Based upon

four (4) traits (e.g., INFJ) will be identified. Links are available on the website to

two or more interpretations of your specific personality type. Also note that one

rarely fits 100% of the characteristics/description of a personality type, but this

test is fairly accurate in revealing your innate temperament/tendencies.


Using the results of the two assessments, the readings and research, prepare a paper that

discusses your leadership style, personality type and a leadership competency. Use the

outline below to frame your discussion. The paper must be no longer than four (4) pages.

This page limit does not include the title or reference pages. Papers that are over four (4)

pages are not to be submitted and will not be accepted for the assignment. As this is an

assessment of your leadership potential therefore you may write this paper in first person.

However, if you chose to write in first person, it will be important to retain a scientific and

scholarly focus for the tone of the paper. All factual, dates, data and outcome statements

need to contain citations. The examples you use to demonstrate your leadership style and

traits should be related to your role as a formal or informal nurse leader and be work-related.

Please limit all discussions and examples to work-related activities.

A. Paper Content

1. Leadership Style Assessment

a. Describe or define the leadership style that has been attributed to you by the

MindTools website. Do not describe the MindTools website If your

leadership style was defined equally by two styles/potentials, then choose the

one that you believe best describes you and define that one (only discuss one

style). Give examples of how you demonstrate this style either in formal or

informal leadership roles in the nursing practice arena.

NUR 4828C Essentials of Healthcare Leadership and Management

2NUR 4828C Leadership Assessment Rev. 1.20

b. Describe one specific situation in which your identified leadership style will

be most effective or appropriate to employ. Use references to support your


c. Describe one specific situation in which you would need to change your

leadership style to be most effective as a leader. Use references to support

your discussion.

2. Jung Typology

a. Identify the results of your Jung Typology type assessment by identifying

your four personality traits (e.g. INTJ). Do not include a list of percentages or

numbers associated with the identified traits nor a discussion of each

individual trait, but rather focus on the overall personality type as identified

by the four traits (e.g. INTJ). Describe your overall personality type (e.g.

INTJ). Information regarding your type can be found on the HumanMetrics

website or from another source. Identify if you agree or disagree with the

overall personality type.

b. Describe how your personality type can help or inhibit you when you are

faced with change.

3. Leadership Competency Development

a. Major leadership skills/competencies include: change management,

communications, delegation, or managing conflict (see chapters 8, 19, 20 &

21 in textbook) Select one of these competencies that you believe you need to

further develop. Define and describe this chosen competency, use references

to support your discussion.

b. Discuss how your personality type will influence the development of the

competency you selected in section a (above).

B. Writing Guidelines

1. Be sure to follow APA formatting guidelines for your paper. This paper may be

written in first person, singular. (Use pronouns: I, me, mine)

2. Headings are required and must be used in the body of the paper. (See page 62 in the

APA Manual). Do not use Roman numerals, letters or numbers in headings.

3. Since there is generally a very limited use of direct quotes in scholarly and scientific

literature, direct quotes cannot be used in this paper and all papers in this course.

4. Write the paper based on the assumption that the reader knows nothing about the

topic or purpose of your paper—as you would if you were preparing a manuscript for

publication. However, you do not need to and should not describe how the

MindTools and HumanMetrics websites are designed (e.g., do not say, “I answered

50 questions…” Or the MindTools Assessment consists of 12 questions and is


5. There is a minimum of five (5) references required for this paper.

a. All references should be dated, unless the date is not available and source is a

widely recognized, authoritative website (e.g. CDC, CMS.gov, Robert Wood

Johnson Foundation, Joint Commission HHS.gov, etc.).

b. Three of the references must be recent, from evidence-based and/or peer-

reviewed sources, and used to support your ideas and responses. Your text can

NUR 4828C Essentials of Healthcare Leadership and Management

3NUR 4828C Leadership Assessment Rev. 1.20

serve as one of these three peer-reviewed sources. The other two references must

be the MindTools and HumanMetrics websites (see last page for formatting). .

6. Be sure to check your Turnitin score prior to final submission and review the findings

and revise as necessary. Your paper must be revised if your score is equal to or

exceeds 25%.

C. Required components/elements of the paper include:

1. Title page with required elements as outlined in the APA manual

2. Introductory paragraph follows placement of the title of your paper centered at the

top of page two (2). It introduces your reader to the subject of your paper and the

major concepts that will be presented in the paper. It should not indicate that this is a

course assignment.

3. Body includes the discussion of the three topics reviewed above and then outlined

below. Organize the body using the Level 1 and Level 2 section headings below. See

page 62 in the APA manual for information on use of section headings.

4. Summary one or more paragraphs summarizing key points from the body of the


5. Reference list a total of five (5) recent (within 5 years), evidence-based and/or peer-

reviewed references are required, of which two (2) will be the required websites and

three (3) other references. All references must contain dates of publication (with the

exception of the websites listed in assignment) and be in alphabetical order.

C. Required Format and Headings:

1. Title Page

2. Introductory Paragraph (no heading to be used)

3. Body of Paper

I. Leadership Style Assessment (Level 1 heading)

A. My Leadership Style (Level 2 heading)

B. Effective Use of this Leadership Style (Level 2 heading)

C. Need to Change Leadership Style (Level 2 heading)

II. Jung Typology Personality Type (Level 1 heading)

A. My Jung Typology (Level 2 heading)

B. Response to Change (Level 2 heading)

III. Leadership Competency (Level 1 heading)

A. (Selected)* Leadership Competency (Level 2 heading)

B. Influence of Personality Type on Developing Competency (Level 2

heading) *insert name of competency you selected

4. Summary (Level 1 heading)

5. References on a separate page and placed in alphabetical order

E. Correct APA Information for Required Websites:

NUR 4828C Essentials of Healthcare Leadership and Management

4NUR 4828C Leadership Assessment Rev. 1.20

This is the correct reference and format for the MindTools and HumanMetrics

websites. Both should be included on your reference page and you should also reference

when using in your paper.

MindTools. (n.d.). What’s your leadership style? Retrieved from


HumanMetrics. (n.d.). Identify your type with Jung typology test. Retrieved from



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