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Company name: HealthCare Inc.

you will develop a fictitious company, make yourself officers, and create a privacy policy document for said company.

Your fictitious company must create a privacy policy document (5-7 pages). The document shall include an introductory section, such as an “Executive Summary,” a “Preamble,” or an “Introduction.”

The document will include policy statements. The policies need to focus on governing your company and its employees. This is where the work comes in. Your needs to give evidence in the policy section of your knowledge gained in this course. That document provided in this folder is not meant to be an exact template. Rather, it is designed merely to reflect what a successful policy document might look like in any given workplace. Do not restrict yourself to this exact format, but do utilize a cohesive format and create a document that is easy to follow. You will see in that document that I simply tried to explain more about what the Project should include by using a format that may help you understand how to organize your paper, and understand what features this governance document should include.


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