Need for Training

The need for training in part depends upon the company’s selection and promotion policies. Companies that attempt to employ only people who already have the needed skills, place less emphasis on training. On the other hand, firms that stress promotion from within may have to take special steps to ensure that employee develop the skills which will be needed. Three trends have contributed, in recent years, to more attention to the development of skill. One, fewer and fewer skills are now regarded ‘ born’ that cannot be taught. It is hoped that one can team almost all aspects of a job by reading. That is why we find now a days almost all technical details of a job written out in the instruction manuals. Two, the accelerated rate of technological change in the plant, office, and market place – is making many skills obsolete. Workers have to be retrained to do new tasks. Three globalization is making it increasingly essential for workers and executives to be aware of diverse gaffes, life styles and attitudes of people in other count1ies. They need to team many things such as how to introduce oneself before a foreign client, converse and negotiate, talk on telephone, use body language and so on.

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