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Module 7 Discussion: Conceptualizing and Planning a Study-The Basics – Section 004-Beuke

From MSN-600-001-2020-040


Weekly Discussion Guidelines and Instructions:

For this course, faculty will post questions to the Discussion Forum. Each discussion forum includes participation requirements within the syllabus. Student responses should be substantive and reflect student thoughts and critical thinking related to the discussion topic. Citing references to reading assignments and other professional resources to validate student understanding of the discussions are required. Listing references and citing references must be according to American Psychological Association (APA).

Students must provide citations and references for the initial posting and the final posting. Please use APA for reference citations. Students must always apply assigned readings plus other professional readings. Students will also have citations in the text of their responses as well as references at the end of their responses. References for other readings need to be current, within the last three to five years.

Students must post a minimum of twice (an initial posting and at least one additional posting) per Discussion Board:
1. Make initial (student’s original post-not copied or based on another student’s post) post by 11:59 pm Eastern time Wednesday. The initial post is one post that includes responses to every weekly discussion board question listed. Questions to peers to deepen the discussion may be included in the initial post.
2. Respond to at least one other classmate’s post by 12:00 noon Eastern time Friday. The response to classmate post may be included in the final post

American Psychological Association (APA) is required for writing, citing, and referencing. Please post a response specific to each of the questions listed. Students must address each component of each question. Please respond by addressing each question/item individually. For example:

1. State the provided question or statement to be addressed.

Write your response to the stated question or statement using APA format.

2. State the provided question or statement to be addressed.

Write your response to the stated question or statement using APA format.

Please write responses to each of the four questions listed below for Module 7 Discussion Board:

1. Choose a problem or issue that you anticipate within your future advanced nursing role. Describe the problem in approximately five sentences.

2. Next, based on the problem described in question one, formulate a clinical/practice question using the “Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, Time (PICOT)” format. This question will drive the literature search for your issue.

3. To support and assist in choosing and writing your PICOT in question one (#1) of this discussion board, a minimum of 6-10 articles with at least one being a quantitative design should have been reviewed. List the articles here as a response to this question three (#3). The articles should be in alphabetical order and each article should be listed as a full reference using the APA (2020) format.

4. Choose one of the articles cited in question three (#3) of this discussion board that is a quantitative article and discuss the relationship of your selected quantitative article to your PICOT practice/clinical question.

Student assignment will be graded according to MSN syllabus, indicated guidelines, and discussion board grading rubric.

MSN 600 Discussion Grading Rubric: Weekly Discussions Grading Rubric.docx


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