You will submit a 2000 words a case study report. Make sure you include references.  The report will be graded on content (how well you have covered the course material, accuracy and completeness of research, etc.) and style (format, etc.).


TOPIC: Ethical aspects in the separation of ownership and control


You can use some of the following links and others:


The recommended layout of your project is suggested to be as follows:

Cover page


Table of contents







General Guidelines

1- Reserve the first page (cover page) to your name, student ID, course name, and date & number of words, and university.

2- You should write in times new roman font, size 12, with 1.5 spaces, no bold or italic except for the section heads if you want.

3- Pages should not have frames, shades or colors or other fancy decorations, just plain pages with no folders or covers, stapled from the top left corner side.

4- Failure to submit the soft copy online by due date is subject to mark deduction.

5- Write your work in a form of essay, do not insert the questions and give the answers.

6- Maximum plagiarism allowed is 15%. Beyond 15% I will deduct 1 point for each additional 5%. If plagiarism exceeds 50% the group will collectively fail the assignment.

7- A minimum of 5 references is required.


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