You are a middle management analyst within your company. You have been commissioned by the CEO to evaluate the strategic performance of the company operating in the global hospitality industry. The CEO wants a fresh view of the direction the company has taken with the intention that this should influence the strategic decision making in the future. Therefore, you need to prepare a report which critically evaluates the strategic performance of the company.

In order to undertake this work, you will need to access a range of sources on the company which must include not only internal data provided by the company itself but also external data where external evaluations and opinions on the company are given. External data may include for example articles in the financial press, analyst’s reports and industry/market reports on the company. However, as with all secondary data you must be aware of its limitations and always question its source and trustworthiness. 

Selected company: Yum! Brands Inc – company info attached. 

You are provided with the following guidance on what the final document should look like:

• A brief ‘terms of reference’, introduction, findings and conclusion.
• An analytical rather than descriptive evaluation of the company.
• A list of references sourced in the report should be Harvard referenced.

You are keen to gain promotion to Senior Management so want to do a good job!

You will be assessed as follows:

Strategy Report:

(1) Critical and analytical assessment of the corporate strategy 30%
(2) Critical and analytical evaluation of the business strategy 30%
(3) Conclusion as to its future strategic potential 20%
(4) Style and presentation of the report. 10% 

Reference list (extent and relevance of the internal and external sources gathered), referencing and overall style and presentation of report). 10%

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