I’m studying for my Writing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Only bid if you have experience in Media writing, and willing to work on this course for the upcoming 5 weeks (this week is week 1), including midterms and finals. I will post question every week with the assigned readings and assignments.

Hello, I need help with my Media Writing course. Media writing is different from the academic writing. It’s rather short compare to regular writing, and it has different focus on the topic.

Please see the attached file for the course syllabus. Please take a good look at it since you’re going to keep working on this course for 5 weeks.

For week1, there are several assigned readings, but they are pretty short and easy to understand. It’s mostly the instructions on how to write for this course. You can finish reading all of it in 1-2 hours. I will upload the week 1 assigned readings and writing assignments after you bid for the questions.


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