I need an explanation for this Political Science question to help me study.

The Twenty-Fifth Amendment establishes the procedures in the event of presidential incapacity, death, or resignation. While it may seem like an unlikely event, nine vice presidents have become president due to the death of a president or resignation.

Take a look at the order of succession, which is based on the order in which the office was established. Then, using the CLA guidelines detailed in this syllabus, answer the following prompt:

Based on the uncertainties of the world today, does this order make sense to you? Create an order that makes sense to you and defend it.

Resources: http://ourwhitehouse.org/a-heartbeat-away-the-stor…

So this paper should have introduction and conclusion, and have 2-5 references at least. It should be 4-5 pages, and also do not forgot to put citation mark for the sentences that you cite, and write the page or paragraph for the citation too. This paper has my half grade, so please work carefully and good, and also explain completely. Thank you


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