Topic Proposal – Already Completed. Please use this info for Outline and Paper
Submitted a fictitious company name, as well as the type of business they conduct. In addition, you chose five items from the optional audit list below to include as part of your topic approval for this organization:
Company Name: Leeo Communications
Type of Business: IT Staffing
Topic approval for this organization: 1.Operates within a Microsoft Windows environment; 3.Completed a Disaster Preparedness Plan; 4.Uses a web server; 6.The private network contains a wireless network segment; 8.Makes use of the cloud for a business process of your choice (storage, software as a service, etc.)

Proposal Outline – Need 1-2 Pages Dedicated to the Outline

Finalize and submit you submitted your proposal outline identifying the areas on which you will need needed to focus. Your audit will include entity level controls, such as asset management, policies, standards and procedures, as well as employee management. Most organizations require the use of specific hardware, including switches, a firewall, and of course data storage. These areas should also be included in your audit proposal. Lastly, the five audit option items you selected as part of your topic proposal will make up the rest of your outline. Remember to use the below audit outline as a guide to help you formulate the proposal and steps within it to complete a successful IT audit.
Audit Outline:
1. The audit department should agree on the timing and scope of the informal review with the people who are to be audited.
2. The auditor who will be performing the review should create a basic checklist of areas that will be under review.
3. The auditor executes those steps, keeping notes as needed but not creating work papers for review. The notes do not need to be kept after the audit is completed. Remember that speed is of the essence, and this is a consulting engagement, not a formal audit review. If you can’t get comfortable with this,
you’ll get bogged down with documentation and process, losing the flexibility to perform this sort of review effectively.
4. At the end of the project, the auditor compiles all concerns from the review.
5. The auditor has a debriefing meeting with the people who were audited to discuss the issues and consult about how serious the issues are and potential means for addressing them.
6. The auditor documents the final list of concerns, along with relevant thoughts on resolving them, in a memo. This memo does not need to include due dates and can include the caveats mentioned earlier (for example, this is not a formal audit, we will not be tracking issues, and so on). The memo also should indicate the auditor’s willingness to continue consulting with the
team as it addresses these items.
7. The auditor issues the memo and archives it electronically for future reference.

Final Project – 10 Pages

Well written proposal describing your informal company audit, fully addressing all areas based upon your topic proposal and outline.

Please use well sourced references from Google Scholar and provide all URLs. Also please do not use bullet points.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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