A 2,000-word essay. Critically evaluate the ‘stage’ or Uppsala model of internationalisation in respect of contemporary international business expansion and compare with other models.

The essay should outline the key components of the ‘stage’ model compared to other more recent theories of internationalisation, and should examine the relevancy of the ‘stage’ model in explaining the nature of internationalisation that is evident today across a range of industries., using examples to illustrate your points. Marks are awarded for content, quality of discussion, examples used and depth of research. Please see marking scheme.


Indicative Assessment criteria:


Knowledge and understanding of global marketing literature and theories

Comparison of “Stage” or Uppsala model versus other models of internationalisation

Application and demonstration of knowledge using examples from the global market Submission Structure – A suggestion (Please see marketing scheme below)


A 2,000-word essay. There are many ways to construct your essay and the following is only a suggestion:


Title: Your readers’ first impression of the essay. It should be succinct and to the point.

Brief Introduction: The introduction sets the scene and inform readers about the essay

Key internationalisation theories: Each explained in adequate detail

Critical comparative evaluation between the key theories using examples from the global market to demonstrate the practical application of the theories. You should ask yourself regularly during writing if all the detail you are including is necessary, whether your research is current and there are examples from the market that support your theory.

Conclusions: Your conclusions should be brief, and to the point. You should not be introducing any new facts or evidence at this stage, although it is acceptable to give your own opinion on the evidence and the conclusions you draw from it

Appendices: Typically, appendices contain additional supporting information which would be too detailed to include in the main body. Typical examples of information included in appendices can be tables with supporting statistical data, company information, news clippings and so on.


References / Bibliography: If you have consulted any source, either printed or on-line, you must include it in the list of your references. 

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