There are 2 different questions, each of them needs an answer or 550 words. So it’s 2 separate

paper. The 3 cases can be found here :

Question 1 : According to you, what should banks do to limit “shadow banking” / “peer­to­peer

lending” ? In fact, what can they do ?

Question 2 : Would you borrow directly from individuals or from entities that do not have a banking

license ? Why or why not ?

You should write the case study as if your boss (or, if you are a consultant, your client) had asked

you to answer the corresponding question. This means obviously that:

(a) You should answer the question as specifically, completely, clearly and convincingly as possible;

please note that, to meet this requirement, your paper must include AT LEAST 500 words.

(b) You should write clearly your opinion, your analysis, your conclusions and your recommendations

whenever this is called for in the question.

(c) You should not repeat, rephrase or summarize the case or parts thereof. This is not the goal of

any written assignment. Please note that I will not take into account for the above minimum number

of words any repetition, rephrasing or summary of a case or parts of a case.

(d) You should not write long paragraphs. Such paragraphs are typically not clear.

(e) Please do not make any research on the entities or the transactions covered by the cases. For

example, please do not do research to determine what happened after the time the case was written,

or to find analysis or conclusions or recommendations on these subjects.


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