Review of an Existing Search System:

The client has advised YouTube as the website to be reviewed however, it does not have to be this.

– Select a website/search system from the list provided (2.1).
– Consider who the users of your chosen system might be, and describe their typical information needs (2.1)
– Select two different types of search task. For each one, develop one or more scenarios to illustrate why users use your chosen search system (2.2).
– Investigate the selected system in detail and describe the range of functionalities it provides to support users as they search for information (2.3).
– Assess retrieval effectiveness for a set of typical search queries (2.4).
– Conduct a heuristic evaluation to assess the usability of the search user interface (2.5).
– Based upon the assessment carried out in the previous sections and you engagement with the relevant literature, make recommendations for improvements that could be made to the search system and search user interface (2.6).

Each of these steps will be described in more detail in the following sections (see attachment titled ‘INF6060_Coursework_2017.pdf). You must write up your review in the form of a 3,000 word structured report (excluding abstract, table of contents, bibliography and appendices). As a piece of academic work you are expected to engage with the research literature and provide references to justify and support your writing. Section 2 provides more information on what you need to do to carry out this assignment. Sections 3 and 4 provide details on producing the written report, including submission details and its overall structure. .

The client would like graphics, tables and diagrams to be created and referenced. However, not many are needed. See the attached example coursework files “160105524 (2).pdf” and “INF6060_Coursework.pdf”. You should display a “Category” “Feature” “Purpose” results in the Chapter “Description of selected search system”. 

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