Summarize Week Four Overview

Week Four


Information systems are used in different areas of the health care industry to perform various tasks. Some tasks automate processes and some assist health care providers in providing care to their patients. No matter how they are used, the intention is to make the task more efficient. This week, you will learn about the information systems used in the health care industry.

In the area of radiology, information systems are used to perform imaging techniques and store images. These images can then be shared with others at another health care location.

Computer-assisted surgery uses information systems to plan and guide portions of the operation. Computers can generate predictive models so that surgeons can review and plan ahead of time to improve the efficiency of the surgery. Computer controlled robotics can also be used to assist in surgery. These perform procedures that are more precise than a human hand.

Even an emergency room (ER) uses information systems that are quite different compared with other information systems in a hospital. An ER information system is not always connected to the rest of the hospital, so a patient’s information and records might not be accessible.

What you will cover

0. Information Systems

a. Describe a radiology information system.

1) Radiology

a) Uses imaging techniques to diagnose

b) Uses radio waves to treat disease

2) Images can be stored electronically

3) It allows images to be seen within minutes at remote locations

4) 3-D images can be created of an object

b. Describe a pharmacy information system.

1) E-prescribing – electronically sends prescription from the EHR to the pharmacy

2) Electronic ordering system

a) Used in pharmacies to automatically count out pills and dispense into medical vials

3) Drug utilization review (DUR)

4) Patient Controlled Administration device (PCA) is used in hospitals so patients can self-administer medication

c. Describe an emergency department information system.

1) Usually not connected to the hospital’s information system, so a patient’s history and information cannot be accessed

2) Used more to keep timely track of the following:

a) Staffing needs

b) Patient wait time

c) Patient locations

d) Patient care being received

d. Describe a surgical information system.

1) EHR stores surgeon notes on procedure performed, unusual events, and findings

2) Store data from patient monitoring devices

3) Computers are used to plan and carry out the operations

a) Robots are used to perform surgery

b) Robots are controlled by software running on the computer that the surgeon is administering

4) Robotic arms can be used to assist making incisions more precise

e. Describe a dental information system.

1) Usually not connected to the hospital’s information system, a patient’s history and information cannot be accessed

a) Used for administrative applications

(1) The electronic patient record

(a) Images are stored

(b) Documenting patient problems and treatment plans

b) Diagnosis tools in dentistry

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