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  1. Over the past decade, ABC Manufacturing has increased the number of safety inspections per month in hopes to decrease the number accidents on their production line. Below is a list of how many inspections were conducted in a month and the corresponding number of accidents recorded. Is there a correlation, and has this leadership decision been effective?

    Inspections Accidents
    20 181
    24 190
    28 167
    40 160
    60 120
    64 124
    64 118
    68 90
    70 94
    72 85

  2. QUESTION 13

    1. A marketing team conducted a survey of 300 people to see if a person’s age affected their brand choice. People under the age of twenty-five made the following choices: Brand A (25), Brand B (42), Brand C (33). People over 65 made the following selections: Brand A (20), Brand B (38), Brand C (42). The group between those ages made these choices: Brand A (44), Brand
      40), Brand C (16). Form
      your hypotheses
      , run the appropriate test, and provide a conclusion to the marketing team.


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