Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

It seems like everyone has an opinion on social media these days. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that it’s one of the most popular topics around. So what happens when you have to write an argumentative essay about it? Check out this list of potential topics to get you started! Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

Fifty Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

1. Social media has had a positive or negative effect on relationships?

2. Social media has increased the number of narcissistic personality disorder cases.

3. Teens are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression because of social media use.

4. Social media has desensitized people to violence.

5. Social media is causing people to have shorter attention spans.

6. Social media is making people less social in person.

7. The line between public and private persona has been blurred by social media use.

8. Social media is giving rise to a generation of entitled children who think the world revolves around them.

9. Some employers are now using social media as a way to screen potential employees – is this fair?

10. Do we really need to know what everyone is doing all the time via social media?

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11. Social media has led to the rise of cyber-bullying.

12. Social media use has been linked to lower grades in school.

13. Is social media making us more or less connected as a society?

14. Social media is creating a generation of entitled, self-absorbed people.

15. Social media is causing people to form shallow relationships that are based on superficial things.

16. Social media is leading to the rise of a “Me” generation that is all about self-promotion.

17. Social media has made people more narcissistic.

18. Social media has made us less patient – we expect instant gratification all the time.

19. Social media has given rise to “Internet celebrities” who are famous for nothing.

20. Do we really need to see pictures of what everyone is eating all the time on social media?

21. Social media is causing people to share too much information about their personal lives.

22. Social media has led to the rise of “faux friendships” – people who only interact with each other online and never in person.

23. Social media has created a generation of people who are addicted to likes, comments, and shares.

24. Social media is making us less empathetic – we don’t care about others as much when we see them online.

25. Social media is desensitizing us to real-life violence and tragedy.

26. Is social media use a form of escapism that is harmful to our real lives?

27. Social media is causing people to have unrealistic expectations about their lives.

28. We are becoming more reliant on social media for our news and information – is this a good thing?

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29. Social media is leading to the development of “echo chambers” where people only see information that agrees with their existing beliefs.

30. Social media companies are manipulating what we see in our news feeds – is this ethical?

31. Social media is being used as a tool for political propaganda and manipulation.

32. Social media is causing people to self-censor what they share online for fear of judgement.

33. We are sharing too much information about ourselves online – is this leading to identity theft and other security risks?

34. Is social media use addiction?

35. Should there be limits on how much time we can spend on social media?

36. Are parents responsible for monitoring their children’s social media use?

37. Should employers be allowed to access our social media accounts?

38. Do we have the right to privacy when it comes to our social media use?

39. Is it ever okay to lie on social media?

40. What are the consequences of cyber-bullying?

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