HSS 0110-06 Critical Thinking/Student Success in Health & Social Sciences Fields

I don’t know how to handle this Social Science question and need guidance.

As a class, our goal is to create community as much as possible. College can often be a difficult place to navigate as we are learning (by trial and error) about the people we want to be. To make this happen, your faculty and instructors want to make sure you feel as supported as empowered as you want to be. Our hope is that you will feel excited to explore the many options of your “true” self during your time here at SFSU. For this to happen, as your instructor, I would like to learn more about you and what brought you here to SFSU. You are more than welcomed to be as open or as limited as you would like.

In a 500-word summary, please type your responses to the following questions.

  • Describe your journey to San Francisco State University. What attracted you to the school? What do you hope to accomplish as a student?
  • What were the three most important lessons you learned from your first semester at SFSU?
  • Describe yourself as a student. Describe yourself as a writer. For example, complete the sentence, “I learn best when…”
  • How have you felt supported (or not) at SFSU thus far?
  • For this semester, how can we, as a classroom community, support you?

You probably will not have space to answer all the questions. Choose whichever questions best encourage your reflection. Aim to create a coherent, cohesive, and understandable essay that appropriately represents who you are as a student.

Ps: For the tutor whos helping me write this, you can answer and write the paper by your own experience, that would be easier, thanks for helping.

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