I have a draft report and updated group proposal and survey result needs to put into the report.

sample size and excel graph data need to be change to the survey result that i have provided.

Also Expand and pick up points provided from the group proposal into this report STRONGLY


This report should be written and presented in a way that is appealing, interesting and engaging for

the industry partner/organisation where you undertook your project.

Hence, while you will use academic language to explain some of the concepts, analysis terminology,

literature, etc., you will ensure that your report scaffolds and explains concepts, and uses language

that is cognate with business practice.

Your final report will be conducted after you have executed your applied research or knowledge

translation process; and will provide evidence based suggestions to further the goals of the

organisation under investigation.

The following format is suggested: Executive summary;

a 1 page overview that communicates what was done, why it was done, what was found, and what

the implications are for the organisation under analysis (200 words)

Introduction: an outline of the project, including; the problem under investigation, the aims of the

project (or set of research questions) (300 words)

A literature review (extending the work done in the group proposal), which unpacks concepts and

research that has examined the problem in the past­ thereby connecting your project to a lineage of

innovation* (500 words) ­ (from your ‘structure reflection on team process’ assessment item)

A research design (for applied research projects) or project approach (for knowledge translation

projects) – outlining and justifying a) the processes taken to collect and analyse data (design and

phases), b) the sample used in the data collection, c) the analysis steps/framework used, d) the

reliability of the approach and any limitations, and e) ethical considerations concerning the research

(300 words)

A findings section* ­ (from your ‘structure reflection on team process’ assessment item)

An Implications and Conclusion section – detailing what the organisation can practically do to

enhance its position, based off the findings/project; and a brief conclusion. (450 words)

For applied research projects: a findings section that presents and discusses the results of a research

analysis process For knowledge translation projects: developed artifacts (policy statements, workflow

diagrams, training packages etc.) with explanations, and a discussion concerning the impact of the

project for the organisation (450 words)

A note on individualising your report: While you formed and undertook your project as a team, it is

important that your final report is original, and entirely your own work. To this end, while you will

draw from the same seminal literature, your description of the problem and the organisation under

investigation, and results may be similar – the way that you construct, discuss and develop these

aspects should be original and done individually in your own report. While you are encouraged to

support other members in your group in completing your project, as a group be mindful to ensure

that reports are original.

Your tutor will provide you with support in ensuring individual’s final reports are sufficiently distinct

in the form of formative/draft reviews.



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