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1)How are job analysis and an accurate job description important to the recruitment process? What are the potential problems if the job description is unclear, outdated, or inaccurate?

Post a substantive response to each question (minimum 250 words).

2.)Reply in a scholarly and substantive manner to two classmates.


The success of a recruitment process depends heavily on the recruiter’s complete understanding of the job requirements and specifics. By having a clear understanding of the job qualifications, skill, duties, and responsibilities, the recruiter can convey that information from the beginning of the recruitment process until the end. At the end of the recruiting process the candidate that is then chosen to be an employee will, most likely, be the best fit for the position.

The recruiter with a clear understanding of the position that they are trying to fill will be able to post the job opening and include the minimum qualifications and skills necessary to perform the job. This will likely attract the candidates that are more qualified for the position and also help to filter out all of the candidates that do not meet the minimum requirements for the role.

There are a few potential problems that may arise if the job description is unclear, outdated, or inaccurate. The first problem is that the recruiter/interviewer will not ask the right questions and will not know what to look for. The interview may be unsuccessful due to there being a vague conversation between the interviewer and the candidate that does not help to demonstrate the candidates worthiness of the position applying for. Another possible problem is that the candidate may have a different expectation of the position than what it actually entails. The candidate may not be aware of the minimum performance requirements along with other aspects of the prospective job. The candidate not understand the full spectrum of the position and therefore, be disappointed if and when they are hired and begin to work in the role.


A job analysis is a tool used to help determine the content for a specific job, such as requirements and how the job should be performed. An accurate job description is essential for a strong job analysis. A job description lists the tasks, responsibilities, and duties that a job demands. A job analysis and an accurate job description are important to the recruitment process because they help determine specific qualifications that allow for easier screenings when it comes to potential applicants. The qualifications for a position are listed under a job description. These qualifications are usually a minimum standard. If the job description given by an organization is unclear, outdated, or inaccurate it could cause many potential problems to arise. First, it could blind side the applicant by not understanding the expectations from the organization such as major duties, performance standards, working conditions, possible working hazards, machines and equipment used on the job, or qualifications that are needed to perform the job (Recruitment & Retention Week 2). This could cause many applicants to apply just to find out that they are not qualified for the position. As mentioned above, this created a difficult screening process for the organization. It could also lead to unqualified candidates to receive a job just to find out that they are not capable or legally able to perform what is expected from them. This could lead to high turnover rates for the organization as well. Another issue with an unclear, outdated or inaccurate job description would be negative reviews for the company from either applicants or those who were hired just to find out that they have to quit or are terminated. Another worry for the inaccurate job description would be putting an employee at risk because they are not aware of the working conditions or hazards.


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