Development of new products or services in the bio-tech or high-tech fields invariably involves a combination of highly specialized skills or techniques from different areas. This possibly explains why there are so many joint research and development ventures in the bio-tech and high-tech industries. But joint ventures are not without their own problems.
Taking a real example of a joint venture, what are the potential benefits and problems for one (or all) of the participants? Discuss how the joint venture could be set up in such a way so that still produces the potential benefits but avoids some of the pitfalls inherent in such projects.


1. You are expected to undertake a reasonable amount of research in completing ?this assignment – certainly enough to answer the question. You do not need to know everything about the company you are studying, but you will need to have a good idea about at least a few aspects of its architecture. In this assignment, you will be rewarded for the depth of (relevant) research that you undertake. This means that you do not have to analyze everything to do with your company – rather, focus on one or two aspects and analyze them in greater depth. The usual rules of academic referencing apply. ?

2. In this assignment, you will also be rewarded for the depth of your analysis using the tools that you will have been taught in the course. ?

3. You must back up with evidence or logical reasoning all statements that you make. Your claims should, where appropriate, be supported by references to the existing work of experts. Any references used need to detailed in the reference list at the end of the essay. ?

4. Given the word count, you will be rewarded from a concise synthesis of the relevant ideas/evidence/issues. ?

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