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TV program makes a question for audience. “What Is the fastest method to go from London to New York”, someone answered,” the fastest method is to take an airplane, to use a rocket, and to take a time-machine. ” But surprisingly the winner who get first place is elementary school child. The answer for this question from her is “If I will go to New York with my friend who is the best, I need only one hour”.

Nobody couldn’t make opposites opinions about this answer ND most of them who have the best friends agree with it. As I see it, to live without the experience of friendship, is life without living. Human interaction is a necessity to survival, but developed friendships are an essential to the successful well being of everyone. Based upon the England Heritage Dictionary, the definition of a friend is, “A person whom one knows, likes and trusts. ” But to all, friendship has no defined terminology.

There are many aspects of the word friendship such as trustworthy, loyalty, and honesty. Friendship comes In many shapes, sizes, and colors. For all I know, the deflation of a friend, and friendship, Is based upon oneself own notions. It goes without saying that every person has close friend and I strongly believe that my friend embodies this imagination of the word friendship. Is Distant. He’s handsome and attractive person especially for girls. He is not talk too much with the person that he isn’t known very well.

When you see him first time you might think he’s hard to get along with but actually if you understand him well you ill know that it isn’t like what you see. He has a good smile, big eyes and pretty short hairdo that will let people want to be friend with him when they see him. As for me, Distant is a responsible person. Now he Is working In a one big company. He always takes care of his jobs well and finishes the work on time. He is hard working and he always organized his year, his day and every minute.

Distant can manage the time very well and everything Is In his schedule. Of course, talented person Is talented in everything, and it is absolutely true. Distant is successful not only in sphere of business he also successful in music. He has been awarded with a certificate of high education in a musician school. Moreover, he is reliable sometime I’ll talk to him some secrets and he can keep the secret very well and won’t talk to others. I think he is a really nice friend. In a word, Distant is a really good friend for me. He is a person who understands me very well.

He is always beside me when I’m sad, listen to me and help me every time when I need help. I am really depending on him. When I have some problems he will give me some advices and help me to solve the problem. Even when I don’t understand something In the lesson he explained patiently for me to understand every time. I think I am really lucky guy that I have met Distant and I’m very happy we are friend and I think we will be friend forever. To summarizes, I am really proud of that Distant Is my best friend and also I am so happy that our friendships are becoming stronger. Finally, I think

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