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Must be done in Flowgorithm and I will attach a paper to show what the output should come out like.

Background The Enhanced Fujita scale is used to measure the intensity of a tornado. The scale ranges from EF0 which is a small tornado to EF5 which is an extremely powerful dangerous tornado. The Enhanced Fujita scale value for a particular tornado depends on the wind speeds associated with the tornado. The faster the winds in the tornado are spinning the higher position the tornado has in the Enhanced Fujita scale. The following table illustrates the relation between tornado wind speed and Enhanced Fujita scale

Enhanced Fujita Scale Wind Speed Range (mph)

Not in scale 0 – 64 mph

EF0 65 – 85 mph

EF1 86 – 110 mph

EF2 111 – 135 mph

EF3 136 – 165 mph

EF4 166 – 200 mph

EF5 201 mph or more

Problem Write a Flowgorithm program that asks the user for the tornado wind speed and outputs the Enhanced Fujita Scale value for the tornado. Be sure and add a comment at the beginning of the program with your name, date, and a very short program description.


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