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Essay #1: Personal Essay on a Dream Deferred (2-3 pages)

Below is the original assignment. Attached is rubics, the essay needing corrected and the essay with professor comments. Please correct per the comments but also take a complete lookover for glaring grammatical issues. Shouldn’t take very long. Scholarly quality though. Thanks.

Our first set of readings—Langston Hughes’s “Harlem” (1951), Gwendolyn Brooks’s “kitchenette building” (1945), and Ralph Ellison’s “Harlem is Nowhere” (1948)—addresses the various effects and consequences of deferred dreams as well as the relationship that deferred dreams have to material reality, the way in which material reality restricts as well as confuses dreams. For your first essay, write a personal essay in which you discuss how your experience of a particular dream either in the past or present compares and/or contrasts with how one of these texts represents the effects of deferred dreams and their relationship to reality. Questions to consider and answer as you both develop your topic and write your paper are the following: What is your dream? Has it been deferred, or restricted, in the way that your chosen text describes? How so and why do you think this is the case? How does your dream relate to the material reality of your life and experience? Was your dream influenced (either deferred or not) by material conditions? Did material conditions, or some aspect of reality, hold back your dream? Did they, in contrast, help your dream? Finally, was your dream achieved or not? What is the significance of this achievement, or the lack thereof? In other words, what do you think is the reason for the state of your specific experience as it concerns your dream?


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