Key to understanding both a market environment and a complex system theory as a science is the ability to both conceptualise and actualise a ‘map’ of the organisational ‘ecosystem’ in which the business activity will take place. Each individual will need to develop their start-up plan into a market plan.

The client has uploaded an example of last years student: Final-Thanaphon-Bill-Sethasuphang.%283%29.pdf. You can use their market and environmental map as inspiration. There is a focus on theories such as Cynefin Model. Theories such as Self-organization, Co-evolution should be included and other theory in the instruction. The marking sheet will help also with the criteria of the second assignment.

You should use inspiration software in order to complete the market map. You should focus on the SALON business. 

See the attached which focuses on what the client did for their first assignment which did not do that well however, it was a business about a SALON in London, see the attached for reference to this: Managing_Uncertainty.pdf..

Does your assignment require any of the following?
Graphics, tables, diagrams (created)

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