This PMA focuses on the materials aspect of a product. The material may be an advanced (non-standard) material or the product may have special requirements that require nonstandard properties in the material. You should show clearly why the material was chosen. You should make clear how the choice of material affects the industrial processes used to create the product and how the choice of process affects the properties of the material. Any class of material (e.g. polymer, metal, ceramic and/or composite) can be chosen. Remember to consider not just mechanical properties but also chemical and physical properties as appropriate. You may wish to consider the material in the context of a particular theme e.g. cost, light-weighting and durability.

You should focus on the substance known as Teroson, it is a product manufactured by Henkel. It is a range of adhesive & sealants used in car manufacture. It is used primarily for bonding and sealing stainless steal body panels together on the body structure is being built. It comes in many forms and has several technical specification sheets describing attributes. These substances to be explained, compared and discussed as per the question.

A couple more tech specs and original assignment which should give an overall guide

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