I need support with this Computer Science question so I can learn better.

Question 1 :

Your company is experiencing a decline in business because of competition.

Your manager thinks they may be able to turn the company around if they can get help from an IT professional on E-Commerce and Mobile Technologies.

Assume your company is a traditional retail entity similar to Sears, Macy’s or K-Mart, suggest ways your company can use E-Commerce and Mobile Technologies to increase its visibility and sales.

In your discussion, explain what is E-Commerce and Mobile Technology.

Need 300-350 words in APA Format with all references.

Question 2 :

Write about 2 organizations from real-life how they were able to cope up with transitioning their business with e-commerce and mobile technologies, could be success/failure stories.

Need 300-350 words in APA format with all references.

****Need both questions in different documents****


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