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Discussion Board Forum 2 Instructions

Brief Description

You will observe a person eat a meal and discuss the observations and findings on Discussion Board Forum 2.


Observe 1 of the following people eating a meal (with his/her permission): a pregnant woman,. Estimate and record the portion sizes of the meal. Then, write a report of your observation which includes the following bolded headings:

  • Identify if your subject is a pregnant woman.
  • Identify the demographic information of your subject, the most important being gender and age.
  • Describe the location of your observation.
  • Identify the foods eaten during the meal.
  • Estimate the portion sizes eaten during the meal.
  • Assuming this meal is providing 1/3 of the subject’s nutritional needs for the day, provide an evaluation/analysis of whether or not the individual consumed too much, not enough, or an appropriate amount of food during the meal to meet the recommendations for his/her life-cycle group. Use the textbook to support your evaluation. This evaluation must be specific. Discuss amounts, choices, variety, balance, nutrient density, vitamin and mineral requirements, adequacy, calories, and macronutrient amounts or percentages.
  • Identify anything you witnessed that may be concerns or hinderances to the subject in achieving the nutritional goal of a healthy diet. To do this, you must first identify what the goals would be and how they can be achieved.
  • Be sure to make specific suggestions for improvement.
  • Discuss the role of a public health nutritionist as it pertains to your findings.

Each thread must be a minimum of 400–500 words.


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