The Group Project is consisted of a written group report and a group oral presentation. They are designed to assess students’ ability of accessing data from census and other sources and applying the concepts, skills, knowledge and techniques they have learned in class to the issues in the real world. Students will form a group of up to four and choose one topic (from the three options) to write a group report of approximately 5,000 words (including charts, tables, and references and/or footnotes) and make an oral presentation of 10 minutes based on the key results of the group report. The group report and the presentation are designed to assess students’ problem solving and research capability, as well as effective communication capability. Students are advised that the group reports must be submitted in both hardcopy in class to your tutors at the scheduled time and softcopy to Turnitin via iLearn as specified above. Turnitin will be used to detect plagiarised materials in the group reports to ensure academic integrity and honesty.

The Group Report is expected, but not limited, to include the following main sections:

? Introduction (by the group)
? LGA (by group member )
o Demographic Profiles
o Household Income Distribution and Inequality
o Household Mortgage Distribution and Inequality

Suggested content:

1. Demographic profiles of your chosen LGA could include the following information: location (e.g. inner city, urban fringe, or other locational features), total populations (e.g. size, changes over times etc.), population age structure (e.g. pyramids, ageing or not), educational structures of the population (e.g. % of bachelor degrees and above), occupational structure (% of professional, manager, or labourers in the population, etc.), employment status (e.g. % employed or unemployed, % full-time or part-time), ethnic composition (e.g. % of Anglo-Celtic, Asian, or other groups), migration status (% Australia-born vs. overseas-born), and any other useful demographic information describing the differences or similarities of your chosen LGAs. These information could provide useful background information and possible explanations for your discussion on the distribution and inequality in household income and mortgage expenditure in the next sections. You could use data from TableBuilder and other sources (e.g. community profile and council publications).

2. Household income distribution and inequality in the chosen LGA – percentage distributions of households in the LGA by income categories and Gini coefficients in the LGA. You will be mainly use TableBuilder to generate data for this section and then calculate appropriate indicator to measure inequality.

3. Household mortgage repayment distribution and inequality in the chosen LGA – percentage distribution of households by household mortgage repayment categories in LGA and Gini coefficients in the LGA. The discussion of mortgage repayment distributions and inequalities could also relate to income inequalities discussed in the previous section. You will be mainly use TableBuilder to generate data for this section and then calculate appropriate indicator to measure inequality.
4. Citations of information and/or data from sources other than census TableBuilder data, such as council reports, relevant publications and analysis on NSW or Australia, and research papers on income and housing markets that could provide references to your analysis. The number and quality of citations reflect the extensiveness of your research. However you only need to include relevant materials.
5. Provision of the details of references (both in-text and full details at the end of the report) – You can choose a commonly used referencing style in your disciplinary area, such as Harvard referencing style or other acceptable referencing style.
? The Group Report will be assessed by the structure and clarity of the report, application of demographic concepts and techniques, quality of data analysis, correct interpretation of the results, extensiveness of research and citations of information and literature, and correct referencing format. Please note that the hardcopy submitted to the tutors and softcopy submitted to iLearn should be the same version of the report. Any amendments to the hardcopy after the submission of softcopy will be disregarded.

?? Please note that each individual member of the group will be allocated 25 marks (out of 40 marks for the Group Report) for the individual component (e.g. one chosen LGA). The remaining marks (15 out of 40 marks) will be allocated to the integrated part of the report (e.g. Introduction, comparison, conclusion, and citations/references).

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