Define the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

In Part 2 of your Project, you will develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) that must be accomplished in order to complete the Casino Medical Center project. Use the Team Project Scenario document in this week’s Learning Resources to help define your deliverables. (SEE ATTACHED FILE FOR TEAM PROJECT SCENARIO)


Begin by deciding, with your team, the approach to developing a work breakdown structure you wish to use (WE WILL USE THE TABULAR BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE). This approach will guide your process and the final design of the WBS. Your team will identify project deliverables that need to be accomplished to achieve the project’s goals. For each deliverable, relevant subtasks or activities must be identified (the work that needs to be done). Using these activities, you create a WBS. This WBS will be the basis for creating a project plan and schedule in Microsoft Project.




You and your team are not expected to know all of the deliverables and sub-activities that need to occur, but you should be able to use your combined experience, knowledge, and research to identify many of the necessary deliverables and supporting activities. Be sure to utilize course resources, as these resources should provide information on what to include in this part of the Team Project.


As you and your team address the discussion question below, you will be able to write and submit


a 2- to 3-page team paper that summarizes the group’s work and that includes WBS diagrams of at least five high-level deliverables.


Deliverables to consider in defining the activities and tasks for the hypothetical project are included here. Your team will identify the unique deliverables for your project. Use specific names for the deliverables that reflect the project’s purpose.

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