Debate: In this “age of reinvention and managerialist government,” we still need to be concerned about the “ethic of citizenship.” Take a position on whether you agree or disagree, present it, and support it with specific examples.


Denhardt, R.B., & Denhardt, J.V. (2009). Public administration: An action orientation: 2010 custom edition. (6th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thompson -Wadsworth – Cengage Learning.


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It is my belief that in this age of reinvention and managerialist government, it is just as imperative that we still be concerned about the ethics of citizenship, as in any other age of government. One of the primary reasons that we need to be concerned about the ethics of citizenship, is due to the fact that no matter what form of government is in place, there’s always the chance that governmental power can be abused by those individuals that are charged with serving the citizens of this nation. In addition, we must always realize that government is composed of human beings, and human beings are subject to detrimental vices such as greed, as well as the development of a feeling of being untouchable due to their powerful status. In essence, it is due to the human frailty that exist within our governmental …

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