This is a paper that is focusing on the criminal justice system better experiences recommendations. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.

Criminal justice system better experiences recommendations

What can be done to make the experience of a victim better in the criminal justice system? If you were in charge, what specific things would you want to see done and why by the criminal justice system to meet the needs of crime victims? What do we do right? What can we improve upon? Also, what are some alternative directions for the future? Go into as much detail as possible and explain why these are the most significant changes that you believe can help. Make sure you discuss any relevant aspects of the criminal justice system (police, courts, and/or corrections), and paraphrase, cite and reference material from the course text chapters to support your position on these questions. Also, include any of these issues in your writing where important: civil rights for victims, civil suits, compensation and restitution, court appearances and victim impact statements.


Your answer should be minimally 1500 words total. The essay should be based on class lectures and discussions, and the readings from your entire textbook and extra readings/videos posted in Blackboard. Please do not quote directly from your textbook. Make sure you paraphrase any ideas of others by putting them into your own words. You may use other resources (although you do not need to). You must cite other sources besides the ones from our class if you use them. Additionally, you must cite them APA style in your writing, and you need a reference page at the end done APA style as well. Good luck and have fun! Also remember to put your word count at the end of the assignment.

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