This is a paper that is focusing on the COVID -19 and public interest communication report. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper in detail.

COVID -19 and public interest communication report

Case study report: COVID-19 and public interest communication.
The COVID-19 pandemic presents a case study that can be viewed and examined from a public interest perspective. Drawing on materials from this course, including theories related to public interest communication, government communication tactics/messaging and COVID-19 related media coverage, you will examine how the pandemic has been communicated to the public (or various publics) and how various interests have been represented. Imagine you have been tasked by a government authority (such as a Health Department) to develop this analysis.

You can use this UQ style guide to assist with constructing your report It should also be references and include a cover sheet (note: your report does not require an executive summary due to word length).
You should cover the following in your report:

Part 1. Theoretical framework. Develop a theoretical framework that uses theories discussed in this course (i.e. theoretical modelling). Examples of theories that you may cite include public interest and public interest communication, enlightened self-interest, stakeholder/publics theory, active/organisational listening, social capital, or others from within the course. There are many that are in brief mini-lectures, Power Points and reading folders. You may also use other theories that you find appropriate, but you should focus, where possible, on developing concepts/theories from this course.

COVID -19 and public interest communication report

Part 2. Communication analysis. Once you develop a theoretical framework you need to analyse government communication and media coverage to understand how the pandemic was a presentation. This should illustrate and provide examples of the theoretical elements you have already covered.  The choice of communication and media will be so vast you are to limit your communication and media sample, and provide a brief explanation for your selection.
Federal/State Government communication may include the following, but is not limited to this list:
Press releases
Press conferences
Social media (e.g. Twitter)
Media coverage may include the following, but is not limit to this list:
Newspaper and online coverage
Influencer analysis
Other broadcast/online media commentary

Visualisations: Up to four visualisations of your findings must be an integrate into your report, or supply as appendices. These may take the form of a flow chart, pie chart, word cloud, infographic or other model. These can combine elements of parts 1 and 2, or simply illustrate aspects of either part 1 or 2. They must be to illustrate key points or complex ideas that are more simply represent in this form or to reinforce major findings. They should be in reference to within the body of the document.
In your communication analysis and conclusions you should consider key themes such as interest tensions. (e.g. as relating to government vs citizens or different government bodies) and if these were resolve or mitigate; who were the publics/stakeholders; what was the key messaging and what is its presentation; what were the main channels for conveying content.

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