This paper is on Corporate governance and business ethics.   A short informative title containing the major key words. The title should not contain abbreviations.

Corporate governance and business ethics

Corporate governance and business ethics

Write a short informative title containing the major key words. The title should not contain abbreviations

The full names of the authors with institutional affiliations where the work was conducted, with a footnote for the author’s present address if different from where the work was conducted;

Firstly, Acknowledgments;


Secondly, abstract; 250 words

Thirdly, up to seven keywords;

Fourthly, main body: formatted as introduction, materials & methods, results, discussion, conclusion


Tables (each table complete with title and footnotes);

Figures: Figure legends must be add ed beneath each individual image during upload AND as a complete list in the text.

More details;

What is corporate governance in business ethics?

Corporate governance is concerned with the ownership, control and accountability of companies, and how the corporate pursuit of economic objectives relates to a number of wider ethical and societal considerations. … Good corporate governance begins with a company’s own internal practices and policies.

What is the role of ethics in corporate governance?

The study finds out that business ethics leads to better levels of corporate governance and supports its practices; and the reason is mainly due to an implicit involuntary commitment to laws as a minimum required level of compliance, and that the protection of stakeholders’ rights are the most important corporate …

Lastly, is corporate governance the same as corporate ethics?

Thematically, the main difference between corporate governance and ethics is that the ethics are the philosophical and morally decent standards that a corporation attempts to stand by, while governance processes are the means by which a corporation attempts to remain as ethical as possible while still making a profit.

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