“The view that the state has lost its power in a globalised world is untrue.  It has simply changed and adapted to this new world.”  Discuss this statement.

For this assessment you are to consider the above topic in an essay format.  It should be approximately 3000 words in length and be fully and correctly referenced and sourced.  Reading should be both historical and contemporary.  Required reading can be found on Moodle, although not exclusively.  You are expected to investigate this topic and identify appropriate and relevant resources.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this assessment students should be able to:

Clearly understand what is meant by key terms such as the state, and globalisation.

Appreciate the nature of change and the process by which change and continuity interact.

Apply an understanding of change to an evaluation of the state, and discuss the impact that globalisation has upon this process.


Construct a coherent essay that is free from spelling and grammatical error.

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