The written assignment should be submitted electronically through the student portal – using the appropriate link.

ACC 303 – Learning Outcome 4:

Develop written and oral communication strategies to enable the effective presentation of accounting information to accountants and non-accountants (working in teams). Required Work in teams (groups) of 3 and address the issues noted in the assignment details, and:

1. Write a memorandum to the board of directors (the members of the board have varying degrees of accounting knowledge or understanding) as noted in the assignment details

2. Make an oral presentation to the board of directors as noted in the assignment details The assignment comprises the following components:

• Part A Technical Component (15%) – This mark covers the technical content of your advice and the explanation on each of the issues, the calculations and the sources and references used, and the format of the memo as well as the group technical knowledge during the presentation.

• Part B Communication Skills – Oral presentations (10%) – This mark covers the presentation skills of the individual student Please make sure you follow the guidelines/policies relating to the presentation of written work, late policy and academic integrity. 

Please familiarise yourself with the assessment marking rubric (attached) to guide you in how you can score marks. Note: The assessment marking rubrics is a separate document and you are advised to read through it to obtain guidance on how the lecturers will mark your assignment. Team Meetings

1. The team should have a minimum of three meetings (the team may have as many meetings as they need to) and should maintain minutes of those meetings detailing –

2. Where the meeting was held;

3. People present; absent; apologies

4. What was discussed and agreed on;

5. The follow-up action relating to each member of the team;

6. Any other relevant matter, things you agreed or disagreed on etc.

7. The minutes of the team meeting should be included with the hard copy of your assignment as an attachment.

Details of Assignment:

The class will be ideally grouped into teams of 3. You must discuss the selection of teams with your lecturer who may decide to allocate you into teams or form teams using a random process. Your lecturer may accept a team of 4 members – but you need to discuss this with your lecturer, obtain approval and finalise your team members. Select a set of financial statements for a group of companies and obtain approval from your lecturer for the group of companies that you have selected. Please note that two teams may not work on the same group of companies so if another team has already registered their interest in the particular group of companies you will be requested to select a different group of companies. Read the annual report including the financial statements of the group and write a memorandum to the board of directors clearly explaining some of the technical aspects of consolidation. Make sure that you draw on the group company’s specific details to explain the intricacies of consolidation to the board, and as much as possible avoid answering in general terms. Please note that your response MUST be in the format of MEMO – a report format will not be marked.

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