Community Resources Catalog Template

Find at least five resources that provide services that intersect with your topic area. Following the template provided, give a summary of the services the resource provides as well as contact data, hours of operation. The information you gather with this template will be included in the materials you submit in unit 9, but you will have the latitude to present that information in a format of your own design. At this stage, however, you are gathering information and assessing it.

Name: FHR- Fostering Hope and Recovery

Resource Type: Government / Faith Based / NFP/ Other
Address: 166 Broadway Bangor, ME 04401 Telephone Number(s): 207-947-9630
Hours: Depends on the services you are receiving. Services Provided: Treatment planning, skills training, daily living support, crisis support, medical assistance, housing, professional development, peer recovery services, and therapeutic arts.
Languages Spoken: English Target Population: state of Maine
Fee Structure: not for profit
Point of Contact: Relevance to the presentation/handout: Anyone who lives in the state of Maine and is suffering from a mental illness or has a family member who is, should know about this organization! They cover almost everything needed and have a lot of resources to offer people!
Other Comments: Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) is a private, nonsectarian, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare organization. Incorporated in 1975, we support individuals in their recovery from mental illness and co-occurring disorders (i.e., substance use, developmental disability, related chronic health conditions). FHR is guided by its vision of being a national leader for behavioral healthcare, program innovation, and workforce development. It continually seeks new ways to

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