(250 words +/- 10%)

To present a short written scientific abstract, outlining the seminal points of the research report

Write a coherent abstract using scientific language

Section 1

Biology & Epidemiology (Basic medical sciences)

(800 words +/- 10%)

To outline the biological (basic medical sciences) context of the chronic disease chosen

Analyse epidemiological data of selected chronic condition, providing prevalence and incidence rates from populations in the Northwest of England

Explain the biological (basic medical sciences) aspects of the chronic condition that includes a comprehensive coverage of aetiology, pathophysiology and signs and symptoms

Section 2


(800 words +/- 10%)

To outline the psychological context of the chronic disease chosen and impact

Appraise the evidence for emotional responses and experiences (e.g. adjusting to symptoms, stress and anxiety) to chronic illness (outline general patterns typically found in most chronically ill patients and specific ones related to selected chronic condition) and indicate how these processes may affect health, quality of life and well-being

Describe one psychological intervention for people with chronic illness and discuss the evidence it is effective

Section 3


(800 words +/- 10%)

To outline the sociological context of the chronic disease chosen and impact

Find evidence for social factors (e.g., social inequality; poor housing) in the etiology of chronic disease and outline common psychosocial challenges (e.g., unemployment) for affected people and their families using both qualitative (e.g., interviews) and quantitative studies (e.g., statistical data)

Evaluate the assumption of ‘biographical disruption’ (Burry, 1982; 2001) and compare it with competing notions such as ‘biographical flow’ (Faircloth et al., 2004) and ‘biographical reinforcement’ (Charmaz, 2000) and the suggestion that disrupted and normal identities may co-exist


(250 words +/- 10%)

With reference to sections 1, 2, & 3 reflect upon how the biopsychosocial model can be integrated into your future clinical practice

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