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Celine Dion, the youngest of 14 kids, was born on March 30th, 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada. Charlemagne is on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, on the east terminal of the Montreal Island. She has Hazel eyes and is 5 pess 7.5 inches tall. Her qualities are self-determination, professionalism and subject. She is so disciplined that she has really spent three hebdomads without doing any sound to give her vocal cords a remainder. She does hold her weaknesss though. She is sometimes impatient, particularly in the forenoons. Her lucky figure is five. She even keeps a five-cent coin that was minted in 1968, that she found on the land. Her favourite aroma is Channel # 5, and her favourite colourss are black, white and ruddy. Celine collects illumination cups and crystal objects. She besides collects places, holding over 400 braces! She enjoys snow and H2O skiing, and roller blading. Her 2nd calling pick would be to be a professional theoretical account, and her favourite musical instrument is a piano. Celine s favourite female vocalists are Natalie Cole, Barbara Streisand, and Ginette Reno, and her favourite male vocalists are Stevie Wonder and Micheal Jackson. Micheal Jackson even sent her a signed exposure saying To Celine with love. , ( Http: //www.celineonline.com/bio1.html. ) and the chapeau he wore in the Billy Jean cartridge holder, which was besides signed. Her first name comes from a vocal ( Celine, American ginseng by Hugues Aufray and written in 1966 by Vline Buggy ) that her female parent was singing while she was pregnant.

Celine has a big household. Her female parent is Therese Tanguay Dion, and her male parent is Adhemar Dion. She besides has eight sisters: Denise, Claudette, Liette, Louise, Ghislaine, Linda, Manon, and Pauline. Her five brothers are Clement, Michel, Jacques, Daniel, and Paul. Paul and Pauline are twins. Celine s household is really musical. Claudette, and Michel have both recorded albums, and Michel is portion of a set named Le Show. Celine s parents ain Le vieux Baril ( The Old Barrel ) , a piano-bar eating house in their hometown. The kids did waitressing and singing for the clients. Adhemar played the squeeze box and Therese played fiddle, while the kids American ginseng. Celine foremost stood on top of a tabular array and sang a Ginette Reno vocal when she was merely five! She besides sang a vocal at her brother Michel s nuptials. The town s people called her La p tite Quebecoise, or the small Quebecer. When Celine was 12, she and her female parent wrote the vocal Ce N etait qu un reve ( It was merely a dream ) . Celine American ginseng and recorded it on a demo tape, and they sent it to Rene Angelil, who was a well-known director in Montreal. Rene was really impressed by the control and strength of her voice, so he agreed to work with her. He even mortgaged his house to pay for the production of her first two albums!

In 1981 Gallic songster Eddy Marnay wrote La voix du bon dieu ( God s voice ) for Celine Dion. She added some more vocals, and created the album La voix du bon dieu. He besides introduced Celine to France. Later that twelvemonth, Celine came out with another album, Celine chante Noel ( Celine sings Christmas ) . She even made a guest visual aspect on the most watched talk show in Quebec. Celine released another album, Tellement J Army Intelligence d affair ( I have so much love ) , in 1982. That same twelvemonth she won a gold metal at the World Popular Song Festival, and the Musicians Prize in Tokyo. In 1983 she sang in the Cannes Music Festival in France. In France she released the album Du soleil gold coeur ( Some sunlight in the bosom ) , and she recorded two telecasting shows. Her 1982 vocal D affair ou vitamin D amitie ( Of love or of friendly relationship ) , sold more than 500,000 transcripts in France and Celine became the first Canadian to deserve a gold record in that state. Six yearss subsequently she received a gold record in Quebec for her song Tellement J Army Intelligence d affair. That same twelvemonth she released the album Les chemins de ma maison ( The way of my house ) in Quebec, and the individual Monday ami in a quittee ( My fellow left me ) in France. She ended the twelvemonth with the Christmas album Chants et contes de Noel ( Songs and narratives about Christmas ) .

In the beginning of 1984, the largest private telecasting web in Quebec made a one-hour telecasting special on Celine. One of Celines vocals was besides released in Germany. At the terminal of August, she launched her Melanie album, and in September she released Les plus grandes succes de Celine Dion ( Celine Dion s Greatest hits ) album. Later that twelvemonth she released the album Les ois eaux du bonheur ( Birds of felicity ) , and the individual Mon reve Delaware toujours ( My everlasting dream ) in France. She besides sang to Pope John Paul II, and 65,000 people. Celine Dion did her first unrecorded recording in 1985 while on circuit in Quebec. It was called Celine Dion en concert ( Celine Dion in concert ) . She was besides among the creative persons who recorded Les yeux de la faim ( The eyes of the hungry ) , to contend famishment in Ethiopia. Her 8th Quebec album, C est pour toi ( It s for you ) is released in Quebec, and as a individual in France. In 1986 she took about 18 months about wholly off, and changed her expressions from stripling to immature adult female. She besides released two new vocals in France, Billy and En affair ( In Love ) . In Quebec she released the album Les chansons en or ( The aureate vocals ) . Celine got a large contract with CBS in 1987. She besides launched the album Incognito, and the individual Je Ne veui pas ( I don t privation ) , and in France released the individual La religieuse ( The nun ) . She had a telecasting special besides subsequently that twelvemonth. In 1988 Celine won many awards, and put on many shows. She besides released some of her older albums from Quebec into France, and Vivre ( To populate ) in Germany. During 1989 she prepared for her international calling by taking English categories, and she recorded three couples. They were Can t unrecorded with you, can t populate without you, Wishful thought, and Listen to me.

Celine got her first aureate record in the United States with the album Unison in 1990. She besides sang twice on the Tonight Show. In 1991 Celine sang the vocal Where does my bosom round now, which stayed on Billboard for 24 hebdomads. Celine was besides invited to show an American Music Award. She was invited to sing in Beauty and the animal by Disney, and recorded with others Voices that attention, which was a particular vocal recorded for U.S. military personnels in the Gulf War. In 1992 Celine launched Celine Dion live at the Tonight Show, her 2nd album in English, with the slogan Remember the name because you ll ne’er bury the voice. It subsequently went gold, doing both of her two English albums gold. Celine did an American circuit I

n the spring, and that Fall she did Tourss in Australia, Europe, and Japan. She besides released the vocals Love you blind, and Cry Just A Little. In 1993 Celine American ginseng for President Bill Clinton and his married woman, and she sang in the soundtrack for Sleepless in Seattle. She besides released a new album, entitled The Colour of my Love, and did a Christmas Special for NBC. She besides released in Europe an album titled Les premieres annees ( The first old ages ) .

In 1994 she began publicizing for Hudson Bay Company, and had besides antecedently done advertisement for Chrysler, Simpsons, and Diet Coke. Celine s vocal The Power of Love became the fiftieth biggest hit of all clip of Billboards. She besides released another unrecorded album called Celine a cubic decimeter Olympia ( Celine at the Olympia ) . In 1995 Celine released a Gallic album D eux, which sold 57,000 transcripts a twenty-four hours in France! It set many universe records for album gross revenues. It forced Sony, her manufacturer, to do two new albums, Celine Dion Gold and Celine Dion Gold Album two. Sony said she was the first vocalist to be both the best marketer in English and in French. In the twelvemonth of 1996, she released singles of Because you loved me, and falling into you. By this clip Celine had decidedly created a topographic point for herself in Stardom. The lone manner her albums were being knocked off the top of the charts was by her ain newer albums. Her achievements from 1996 until now are excessively many to suit in this research paper.

Celine s merely dream was to go a celebrated vocalist, and she is populating that dream now. Celine s dream now is to go a female parent. She wants to keep on to the existent things, like her hubby and household. The chief ends she has set for is to take things a small slower, and bask her place life a little more. She besides wants to seek to remain celebrated, and maintain acquiring better.

Celine has enjoyed a great relationship with her fans. She has so many of them, and most are really devoted to her. When she started out in Quebec, her fans their perfectly loved her. But as she became more celebrated, and started singing vocals in English, they began to see her a treasonist. The people of Quebec as a whole feel she has abandoned her linguistic communication and her people. Her fans in the U.S. are really supportive of her, and most experience that Quebec is incorrect in their beliefs, but Quebec s loss is the remainder of the universe s addition. Celine has many fans from all over the universe and she works difficult to make universe tours in every bit many states as possible to maintain her fans happy.

All these grounds and more are why Celine Dion is a good function theoretical account. She has worked hard to carry through her dreams, made many forfeits for her calling, and she still maintains strong values.

Celine Dion married her director, Rene Angelil, in December 1994. Celine was so 26, and Rene, who is 26 old ages older than her, was 52. Celine hatreds go forthing for Tourss without Rene, and concerns that she is doing him excessively much emphasis. Celine said It s Wyrd, because I don t attention about seeing the beauty of foreign states if he s non there ( Peoples Weekly March 3, 1997 p73+ ) . Celine and Rene are besides seeking to hold a babe, to do them even more of a household.

Celine Dion and Rene are constructing a new house on Florida s Jupiter Island. The island made the intelligence in 1997 when President Bill Clinton fell and injured his articulatio genus after a visit with resident Greg Norman. Celine s new house, which was built in the autumn of 1997, is a 1,700 square metre sign of the zodiac. The eight-million-dollar house will include fountains, waterfalls, and 63 telecasting sets!

Celine and Rene are portion proprietors of Nickels Restaurants. Nickels is a household eating house with an American 50 s subject. Celine has designed the uniforms for the waitresses, and sometimes appears at one of the eating houses. Walking through the eating house is like taking a trip back in clip with it s vinyl booths, old manner milk shingles, and homemade apple pies. Nickels started out on December 5, 1990 in St. Laurent, Quebec. There are now many locations throughout Quebec and Ontario, with programs of spread outing to include the U.S.

Celine has received legion awards. Between 1982 and 1998, Celine has won a Yamaha World Song Festival Awards, a Yamaha Symphony Orchestra Award, 33 Felix awards, 20 Juno Awards, two Much Music Video Awards, nine World Music Awards, a Popcorn Award, two Edison Awards. She has besides received a CARAS ( Canadian Academy for Recording Arts and Science ) Award, a VH1 Award, a Cable Ace Award, an Ivor Novello Award, a Billboard Award, a Eurovision Award, two Victoires de la Musique Awards, an IRMA Award ( Irish Recorded Music Awards ) , three MIDEM awards, an Amigo Award, a Billet Platine Award, and an American Music Award. She has besides won four Grammy Awards, an Oscar, two Golden Disc Awards, and a Diamond Album Award. Celine was besides honored by the Canadian Government with a acknowledgment on Canada s 125th Birthday from the Governor General for her part to Canadian civilization, and was recognized by as the Officer of the Order of Quebec, and Officer of the Order of Canada.

Celine Dion is the National Celebrity Patron for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation ( CCFF ) . She has stayed really committed to the cause that she joined because of a existent life calamity. Celine s niece Karine Menard, girl of her sister Liette, was born with Cystic Fibrosis, and died of the disease at age 16. For many old ages Celine did what she could to do Karine happy, like taking her shopping and purchasing her everything she wanted, but by 1993, 16 twelvemonth old Karine was bed-ridden and in critical status, hardly able to take a breath or get down. One twenty-four hours I had her in my weaponries, says Dion, and I started to sing quietly in her ear, and out of nowhere her eyes closed. I looked at my ma, who was messaging her pess because her circulation didn T work, and nodded, Okay, it s go oning. One tear came down Karine s cheek, and so she went ( Jeanne Gordon People Weekly March 3, 1997 p73+ ) . Celine believes that no 1 should hold to travel through what Karine did, so she has donated immense sums of money and clip to assisting the foundation afford to research new thoughts for remedies and interventions. Celine s popularity has helped the foundation by giving them the money they need, and doing people more cognizant of the disease.

Overall, Celine was and still is a hard-working adult female, who even though she is rich and celebrated, still remembers the battles she went through to acquire where she is today, and remembers that it s truly your friends and household that give your life significance.


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