I need help with a Psychology question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

The discussion:

What I would like you to do is the following:

Take either the Cattell’s 16 PF or the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ) (or both if you want). TAKE THE TEST AS SOMEONE ELSE. DO NOT TAKE IT AS YOU. This is because you will be talking about the results to your classmates.

As we did previously, you might want to take the test as if you are a famous literary person, a television or movie character, or someone from history or even mythology. But again, no politicians and do not take it as your EX!

Comment at LENGTH on whether you felt the results were accurate. Now, since you do not know the person you may have to use your imagination. However, you can still make useful comments. Do you think the results were useful? What do they actually mean? Did you find any surprises?


I just took both the 16PF and the Eysenck Questionnaire as if I was Forest Gump. The results were very interesting. Forest came out as introverted, shy, politically conservative, a bit angrier than I thought, somewhat avoidant, and socially obtuse.

But I think you can do better and come up with a better character.

Last semester someone took the 16PF as if they were Lady Gaga. Someone else went with DaBaby. We had a couple of Oprahs.

But this is a creative class and I KNOW we can do better!

Spend time with this assignment because it is worth 40 points.

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