I currently work as a mental health nurse in the suburbs of Melbourne working in the community.

The case study is on a 28 years old female with main diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. She also has depression and anxiety. History of polysubstance abuse. She has been diagnosed and treated for cancer and is currently in remission. History of extensive trauma.


Written assignment Two (Case Study).

This second written assignment is the presentation of a case study. You should provide sufficient detail to reflect your level of understanding and practical application of CBT as applied to a particular presenting case study and problem. It is well recognised that most patients in a contemporary mental health service have complex problems and often have extensive co-morbidities. Examples of different diagnostic categories include:

Borderline Personality Disorder



Substance Abuse/Dependence

Bipolar Affective Disorder


Anxiety Disorder


For the case study use de-identifying material for your client (use an Acronym) and set out the assignments under the following headings:


Case Study presentation:


Current Presentation

Brief summary of demographic data (one sentence).

Current symptoms/problem area or target behaviour with any relevant client history (one-two paragraphs).



Summary of the presentation that includes predisposing factors (e.g. family and developmental history), precipitating (e.g. substance abuse, adverse events), protective (e.g. current supports) and perpetuating factors (e.g. personality style, substance abuse).

In particular, conceptualise the role that specific cognitions and behaviours have in maintaining disorders or symptoms.

Diagnosis or diagnoses (one paragraph)

Report the diagnosis/diagnoses and discuss the evidence for treating the diagnosis or specific symptoms/problems with CBT citing relevant research articles.

Develop a treatment plan for the specific implementation of CBT interventions or strategies.



Content will include the implementation of a treatment plan with the number of sessions that the client was seen, a description of the interventions or strategies used and the outcome of the interventions (body of the assignment).


1. Adherence to the structure of CBT by showing evidence of Socratic Questioning, agenda setting, treatment planning, homework setting and the client’s response to such structure.


2. Describe the specific CBT interventions utilised for symptoms or problems and the response of the client to such treatment.


3. Be aware of and discuss any cultural or other psychosocial aspects and how this may have influenced the use of CBT with a particular client. Outline how this was or will be addressed.



Show evidence of reflective practice by critically appraising the outcome of the interventions implemented and the possible modification for future use.


Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this unit, students should be able to:

1. 1. Demonstrate acquisition an application of skills and knowledge required for effective psychotherapeutic interaction using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT);

2. 2. Plan interventions and establish goals to meet the needs of the client within a CBT framework;

3. 3. Critically analyse a variety of approaches to CBT;

4. 4. Develop a greater awareness of self and the ways in which personal attributes affect interaction with clients and others;

5. 5. Practice the relevant skills of CBT in a variety of clinical settings;

6. 6. Discuss a range of contemporary issues in CBT and its techniques;

7. 7. Critically appraise the evidence available regarding the efficacy of CBT in a variety of setting and with a variety of different client groups;

8. 8. Optimise the opportunity as health professionals to enhance their clinical skills when working with consumers and carers;

9. 9. Develop an understanding of cultural psychosocial aspects which may influence the use of CBT within the health professionals role.


Assessment marking guide for NUR5008 Essay and Case Study Assignments

Written Assignment


Student No: Marks

Presentation/style 5

Format in accordance with School of Nursing guidelines

Correct grammar and spelling

Introduction 5

Provides a general introduction to topic

Defines topic

Provides an outline of the essay

Body 75

Content relevant

Considers all components of the question

Logical structure and development

Considers alternative viewpoint/arguments

Adequately supported by appropriate literature

Conclusion 5

Summarises the main ideas presented

Clearly related to the topic

No new ideas introduced in the conclusion

Referencing 10

In-text referencing correctly cited

Reference list prepared in accordance with guidelines

Recent, quality sources use



Referencing requirements:

All References: Adherence to APA 6th Ed conventions

Work will be marked to the word limit only 3,000 words each (plus or minus 10%, excluding the reference list).






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